• Visit to Cadbury Heath Primary School

    Posted on October 2, 2012 by Rebecca in News, School Visits.

    I wish I could be a pupil at Cadbury Heath Primary School – but I’m way too old for that. Still, today I got the chance to visit the school and talk to some of the pupils which was the next best thing.

    This is me in the school hall, talking to the KS2 children about some of my books which feature my three boys, Joe, Laurie and Theo and our dog, Nike.

    I read the children the beginning of The Dog in the Diamond Collar and they all guessed that Nike was not wearing a diamond collar when one day, he turned up in our garden. What a shame he wasn’t. We’d be rich!

    After the talk, I visited years 3 and 4. There was a budding author called Jasmine in year 3. She brought in some of her books to show to me and I thought they were wonderful. Great pictures too, Jasmine, so do keep writing and I’m sure you’ll be a published writer when you’re a little older.

    The workshops went well. Year 4 wrote some fantastic pieces about the zoo. “In the zoo there were lonely white penguins.” “In the zoo the tiniest bug stumbled over the hippo.” “We see cheeky monkeys in the zoo.” For those of you who haven’t noticed, each sentence had to be written without using the letter A. It was hard, but they came out tops. (Sorry if I haven’t remembered absolutely correctly). Well done you!

    Year three struggled with my very hard suggestion that they find some active verbs as we played STOP THE BUS! Well done all those children who let their bus slide, slip, jog, rumble, steam, tumble and zig-zag down the road.

    Hope you will all read lots of books this term and learn many new words.

    See you all again on Thursday – happy writing!

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