• Bamboo Forest

    Posted on September 29, 2012 by Rebecca in News.

    Have you ever been in a bamboo forest in Italy? I never expected to, but came across one in the hills near Vittorio Veneto. No one knew who had planted it and now the tall green stems are spreading down the hillside and the forest is threatening to engulf the orchards and meadows below.

    Right in the middle of the bamboo, in a shadowy green light, we found a derelict farmhouse which must have once been beautiful. The attic rooms looked out over the leafy canopy of the bamboo and down into the valley.

    In Italy there are lots derelict houses and each has a history and a strange story to tell. Sadly many are the result of family break ups when the old uncle or mother dies and there is a dispute over the land and property. The dispute goes on and on and in the end no one gets anything.

    Dear children of mine, if you ever read this blog, please don’t fight when we’re gone. All we can, we give to you now – then hopefully you won’t be waiting desperately for us to cast off this mortal coil . . .

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