When Sparrow reaches age 11 she has to leave the Knip and Pynch Home for Waifs and Strays. She sets off to find out who her family are – with only one clue, an old and lovely baby blanket. Luckily she isn’t alone, she’s accompanied by her amazing Scaramouch … a very special cat.

    Sparrow travels to the town of Stollenback. She is taken in by Gloriana, a strange and colourful street girl. Sparrow thinks she has found a home in the ‘nest’ – a hideout for homeless girls run by the beautiful but menacing Miss Minter. And she feels at ease there, and quite content with her life compared to that in the orphanage, but all is not as it seems; the horrible Tapper is on her trail and plans to sell her for a great deal of money.

    Sparrow uncovers a web of strange and suspicious secrets. She finds herself at the heart of an undercover smuggling trade with a price on her head.  It seems everything is against her and she will never fulfil her dream of finding a family…

    A wonderful re-imagining of OLIVER TWIST for younger readers, Sparrow’s adventure realises the dark secrets of Dickensian London with a fantastical twist.

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