• Copper


    I wanted to set a story in the snow and to have lots of mysteries and secrets and surprising twists. I had no idea I was going to write about dragons or wood and rock people or that this would be the first of a set of three related books.

    That’s why writing is such fun – you never know what’s going to happen.

    I did the pen and ink illustrations inside. Ralick is based on my eldest son’s cuddly toy.


    The wooden stairs creaked and groaned noisily under her as Copper went down the stairs.”What a racket,” growled Ralick. Copper didn’t say anything for a moment, then she said shyly, “Yes, but you know, I think they’re sort of talking to me.” “Ha! As stairs have a habit of doing!” said Ralick. “Really, they are,” she insisted. “The handrail is soft under my fingers, not soft like cotton, but not solid… It moves. And it smells gorgeous!”

  • Amethyst


    The second book in the Frozen Lands Trilogy.

    Amy jumps at the chance to leave her gloomy aunt and uncle and go to the mountains. But once there, she is sent on a mission to stay with the alien clan, the Wood People, and betray them. Worse still, when she meets the Woods she likes them, and her traitorous position there makes her more and more uncomfortable.

    A mysterious stranger turns up at the house, and kidnaps Copper’s beloved wolf cub. Amy is soon engaged in the chase through the winter landscape to a final showdown.

  • Crystal


    The third book in the Frozen World Series.

    Crystal is unusual; she has silvery blonde hair and blue eyes. There isn’t anyone like her in the Town except for her mother and everyone says she is crazy – that or a witch.

    Crystal knows that the Town leader has something to do with her mother’s madness but how can she prove it? And how can she stop him when the Town Guard tramps the streets day and night, there’s a curfew, and a strange creature in their house spies on them and records their every move?

    When Crystal thinks she glimpses someone looking up at her from the depths of Lop Lake, she is amazed but strangely hopeful. Could this be the help she’s been waiting for?

  • The Bear Pit


    A spooky tale for reluctant readers.

    Don’t be mean to animals – even if they’re dead they may come back and haunt you . . .

  • The Empty Grave


    A spooky book for reluctant readers.