• Planimal Magic


    While his mum recovers from an illness, Joe (and Bingo – the only psychic dog in England) stay with cousin Molly and her dad at the scientific research institute in the countryside.

    Early one morning, Joe hears a strange wailing sound – like an animal in distress. Molly and Joe trace the distressing cries to the disused swimming pool at the back of the institute.

    The scientists are meant to be researching plants so why would there be an animal there?

    Molly and Joe make an amazing discovery, a mind-blowing discovery with huge implications for the scientific world.

    Some people, however, want to use the Planimal for their own selfish ends. Who are they, what do they want, and can Molly and Joe defeat them?

  • The Curse of the Ravens

    Curse of the Ravens

    Reuben’s second adventure.  Now he is on the run again.


    When Reuben visits the eccentric Lord and Lady Marley, he stumbles upon a dark secret.  Something is hidden in the ruined chapel, something shocking and disturbing which takes him on a horrifying, exciting journey.


    Will he escape the Curse of the Ravens? Read More…

  • The Curse of the Toads

    The Curse of the Toads

    The year is 1682.  A time of watchfulness and distrust.

    Reuben’s grandmother is accused of witchcraft and hanged but that is only the start of his problems.  He must run away from his home before he becomes the next victim of suspicion.

    Reuben joins a travelling medicine man called Flyte – a quack and an evil-doer who plans to harm him.

    A thrilling read for those who don’t scare easily.


    WRITE AWAY Review:

    Reuben’s life with Flyte is full of movement and dramatic set pieces, and the narrative drives to an eventful, twisty and satisfying climax.  Some of the incidents – hangings; botched surgery and infection – are not for the squeamish. But this is a well constructed, engaging and affecting read.”

  • The Gnome with the Knobbly Knees


    If only Clinky Monkey, the black and white dog, could speak he’d tell everyone about the garden gnome that’s creeping round the house. But he can’t.

    It’s not until Laurie catches the gnome sneaking right into his bedroom that the three brothers find out about the Great Gnome Robbery masterminded by tiny Mr Gribble, the strange man hiding next door.

    The boys devise a cunning plan to foil Gribble’s plot and using clever disguises they uncover some strange secrets as they solve the mystery of THE GNOME WITH THE KNOBBLY KNEES.


  • The Boy in the Big Black Box


    THE three brothers, Joe, Laurie and Theo have another wonderful adventure.

    Wee Willie has been incarcerated in the magic disappearing box by his wicked uncle, but never fear! Joe, Laurie and Theo gallop to the rescue, resolving the half-cast spell, and rescuing Willie. A new adventure for the three heroes of The Dog in the Diamond Collar, in which their investigative powers and their courage are once more used to great effect!