• The Spin

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    Stormy is an orphan and a kitchen skivvy. He tends the compost heap, scrubs the floors, and peels the vegetables in the huge kitchen run by scary Otto, the cook.

    Stormy has a hopeless, passionate desire: to be a sky-rider and soar amongst the clouds on a spitfyre – a flying horse that spits fire and smoke.

    A lottery win turns Stormy’s life upside down. He is sent up the mountain to the Academy to work with the spitfyres. At last he is closer to his dreams, but he uncovers a web of lies, deceits and neglect. At the centre of the mystery lies the hidden thirteenth spitfyre. Can Stormy save the neglected spitfyre, defeat the dark forces in the Academy and prove himself worthy to be a sky-rider?

    Thanks to Tommy Wainwright aged 11 from Little Sutton C of E Primary School for this:

    The Spin is an exiting book of adventure, magic and mystery.

    I would recommend this book for 12+ or very confident readers aged 10+.

    This book is an amazing book that gives you minor clues to hint what’s going to happen next. It’s about a kitchen skivvy that has a wild dream of being a sky rider but then his normal life gets turned upside down. The author has written the book so detailed that its like TV in my head so if I can choose between watching one of my DVDs or reading The Spin, I would definitely choose The Spin. This is the type of book I was waiting for my whole life a book that gives me thrill, excitement and relief.

    I think this author should definitely get a book award. I hope this author makes more books like this one.


    Julia Eccleshare’s comment on LoveReading4Kids: 

    January 2013 Book of the Month: A magical and action packed adventure in a cleverly created other world packed full of delightful characters. Orphaned Stormy works at the lowest level in the castle kitchens but he has dreams and aspirations – especially when it comes to the spitfyres, wonderful winged horses, and the sky-riders who career across the skies on them. When Stormy gets his chance to go and work in the Academy, he feels his dreams and hope will come true. Instead, he finds himself facing a dark and destructive power that lies at the heart of the Academy.

    And from: 100 Great Books Before Lunch - Alison Hewett’s great website, a lovely review of THE SPIN . . . “I absolutely loved it!”… Read the rest of her great review on her wonderful website and find lots of other great reads there too.