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    Hooray and YAHOO! I’ve won a prize.

    I certainly didn’t expect to win, perhaps it was the video I posted: Rebecca Lisle talking about the Spin! My dear husband and I only took three days and 3,000 takes to make that 1 minute film! We had birds cawing, cats running past, a chainsaw starting up and goodness knows what other complications before we finally came up with it. Oh including me just being so nervous and with such a squeaky voice that I hated the sound of it and had to keep redoing it. I could never have been an actor (even if I could act – which I can’t).

    I was joint winner in the Oldham Brilliant Books Award  (Key Stage 2).  I was a joint winner with Liz Kessler and her  lovely book, North of Nowhere. Here we are both trying not too look too smug because it was our first prize, ever! Becky and Liz

    The event was organised by the wonderful Beverley.


    Each of the prizewinners received a plaque which had been made by children from one of the participating schools. My red STORMY plaque was made by Hodge Clough Primary School. Thank you very much. It’s great and I shall put it up in my office.

    The event was lovely. There were a group of other writers there and we had a fun time together. The local youth rep company performed extracts from the nominated titles. They were very funny and clever and the audience loved them!!


    After the event we signed books and met our readers.

    Tim Simpson Photography (15 of 15) signing


    2014-11-13 11.26.36


    Thank you Oldham for setting up a wonderful event. And thank you Oldham school children for taking part and making it such a great day!



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