• Super School Visit

    Posted on November 13, 2012 by Rebecca in News, School Visits.

    Today I visited Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School tucked away behind a church and surrounded by trees and greenery … where was it do you think? Out in the countryside? In a picturesque village in far away Devon? No, deep in the heart of Lawrence Western, Bristol!

    I am frequently surprised and delighted by the schools I visit and this was no exception – lovely staff and great kids, oh and lovely cake at break time too.

    The HEADMASTER, Mr Kloska made me a cup of coffee when I arrived. This is undoubtedly the FIRST TIME a headmaster has made me a coffee! Thank you Mr Kloska. It was a great cuppa.

    After a brief chat I went into the hall where Callum, helped with all things technical.

    I spoke to years 5 and 6 and showed them my books along with plenty of pictures on the screen. The children came up with some fantastic ideas to make my stories whizz along and invented some great plots with imaginative twists and turns.

    (Sorry the photo isn’t very clear but that is me in the far distance only there wasn’t much light and I’d turned off the flash on the camera. Whoops).

    We did two workshops. One involved some acting – Jake mimed being scared really well and Leah was very convincing at showing anger. I hope you will all remember the power of the ACTION VERB and use them for ever after.

    Thanks for all the book orders and I hope to have them with you soon.

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