• French Dogs

    Posted on April 1, 2014 by Rebecca in art, odd things.

    The French love little dogs.In every Paris street and park and in every museum we visited last week in France, we saw people out with their dogs.  



    As we wandered around the

    Louvre and the other  museums I started to photograph some of the dogs in the paintings.













    These marble dogs are amazing. When you think that they were carved from a great heavy block, and yet here is a dog leaping up to his mistress, caught in action.




    And this dog is so attentive as it gazes up at his master.IMG_1797


    There were pottery dogs:

    IMG_1820 IMG_1821

    And even a vast tapestry depicting a hunting scene where a huge dog, right at the front of the picture was captured back in the 1650s, having a poo.


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