• Odd Things I’ve Seen this Summer

    Posted on July 29, 2013 by Rebecca in art, biennale, News, odd things.

    This chap looks so uptight! Just how I feel when I can’t get on with my work.

    He/she was at the Biennale in Venice this summer.  It’s a huge exhibition of world art,
    in case you don’t know.  There were very few paintings, not many sculptures or drawings, but lots of ‘ideas’ requiring a great deal of reading before you have a clue what’s going on.

    I did enjoy the show but I did wish that it had been less depressing – there was a great deal of grey and black and people screaming or  looking broken and unhappy.  IMG_1232 Even this lovely melting horn was a bit sad.

    How about this strange thing?


     And this? IMG_1256 


    And these faces all made from . . . camera cases! Who’d have thought you could get so much character from a bit of tough, bent leather and studs?IMG_1242



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