• West Sussex Book Award

    Posted on November 23, 2013 by Rebecca in News.

    I’ve just come back from three days in Chichester. I had a brilliant time visiting schools and talking about my book THE SPIN which has been short-listed for the West Sussex Children’s Book Award.

    The library at the Chichester Girl’s School was one of – if not the best library ever. It was full to brim with art work – wonderful paintings, photos and models. It was very inviting and consequently we had to shoo quite a few students out before I could give my talk. The librarian made a wonderful cake for me and the children and a fine display for my talk.


    One of the marvellous things about the West Sussex Book award is that the SLS and the schools involved, use it as an opportunity to integrate year six from the local primary and year seven from the secondary school. Consequently when those year six’s do move up, they have already visited their new school and aren’t so scared.


    Most of the children I spoke to had already read The Spin, or some of it. They were overflowing with interesting and probing questions! Some were hard to answer, but I tried my best.

    I was very well looked after by the Schools Library Service librarians, Susan and Tracy and couldn’t have wished for a better few days. What a lovely city Chichester is.

    Thanks to all the children involved for putting me on the shortlist. Thanks to Lauren for her lovely bookmark, which I’m using right now! And thanks for being so welcoming and smiley!

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