• Why School Visits are Amazing

    Posted on May 10, 2013 by Rebecca in News.

    School visits can be disheartening occasions. I’ve been to schools where my visit wasn’t in the diary and ‘my’ class had gone on a day out, where even the teacher introducing me didn’t know my name,  where no one had read any of my books or appeared interested in them . . .  BUT thankfully those times are rare.

    I visited Clifton College Prep school recently and had a lovely morning. The sea of eager, bright faces all staring at me as the children filed into the hall was inspiration in itself. Seeing them I desperately wanted to deliver and provide them with the best and most inspiring talk ever and to then follow it up with a book, so readable and exciting, they wouldn’t want to put it down. I wanted to SHINE for them.

    The thing is, for a writer, getting out and actually seeing and meeting your audience is inspiring in itself.  I spend most days in my office at home, working. Of course I allow myself out ta bit, but now my boys are grown up, there aren’t many children in the house. I can forget just how bubbly and enthusiastic and interesting children are.  And funny.

    During my talk I showed the year 5s my list of mis-spelt hiding places for the secrets I had cherished when I was a child myself. Almost every word on my list is wrongly spelt.  One line reads ‘Under the corsh.’ I asked the children what they thought I could possibly have meant by this and got the usual answers of ‘couch’, ‘cushion’ and ‘cot’. I’m not sure if a child from any school other than Clifton would have come up with this, but a sweet boy on the front row suggested ‘Under the Porsche.’

    If only. And how charming.

    Please invite me to your school soon!

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