• Woolavington Primary School

    Posted on April 14, 2014 by Rebecca in News, School Visits.

    I am always slightly worried as I set off to visit a school to do talks and workshops because I can never be sure they’ll be prepared or interested. Some schools see an author visit as an opportunity to get on with their own work.

    Woolavington is a delightful country primary school with an enthusiastic staff.  Look at this lovely wall display!




    Some of the children who helped produce it are shown – sadly no smiling faces because of Health and Safety etc.

    Now the book weeks are over and I can rest and get on with my work, but guess what, I can’t because the sun’s come out.  How can I sit at my desk when the garden is full of weeds and the lawn needs cutting, the seedlings need planting up, the window boxes need attention? How can I sit in the gloom of my office when the lovely Spring air is fresh and glorious and full of blossom. I can’t. I just can’t. No book forthcoming until it rains.

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