Rebecca Lisle
Rebecca Lisle 

Above is a portrait of me when I was about six. It was painted by my father, Frank Lisle.

Even at that age I wanted to be a writer.  


I was born in Leeds and have always been very proud of my Yorkshire roots. My parents were born there too, and their parents before them – perhaps this is why I can cook such GIANT Yorkshire puddings?

My mother studied art too and even though she is getting on now, still paints and draws all the time. My parents always encouraged us to be creative and we tried to be. My sister is a painter and my brother does arty things with computers.  You can see some of the Lisle family work at


I studied Botany at Newcastle University and spent a year at Oxford University getting my teaching diploma. (There were no Creative Writing courses then).  

I did lots of jobs – waitressing, child minding, shop assistant, secretary, etc, but mainly I taught Biology. I always taught part-time so that I had time for writing because I dreamed of becoming a ‘real’ writer; I meant a published one.


My first publication was a short story in a magazine. Seeing my name in print made me deliriously happy. Then later I began to write children's books.  

I’ve written 27 books to date. My three boys are three grown-up young men, all musicians.  


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This is a book I made when I was about 8 years old and the highly original title is: TWO ON A TREASURE TRAIL. I was hugely influenced by Enid Blyton. It is not a very good story and the spelling is terrible.